Would you like to inexpensively expand your online music streaming offer?

As a long-time managing director and program director, I know your worries and needs pretty well:

- You have only a small budget or no budget at all times
- You have a young team with limited musical background
- You have no one in the team who can or wants to take on additional tasks
- You don't have time to deal intensively with the details in streaming
- You are rather confused or unsecure by what IT and technicians tell you about streaming
- You are concerned about losing listeners to the big radio competition or to Spotify and Co.

- You would like to have additional offers to bind your listeners even better to your station

- You recognize that your core format needs to be reliable, but different music content is necessary to strengthen your brand
- and so on…

The solution, especially for music streaming, is very simple:

You can use our music know-how acquired over decades at a reasonable price combined with our webcasting experience.

Perfect-Radio provides you with very inexpensive music format offers according to your wishes and with your station jingles!

Our offer includes the following:

- Production of music formats according to your wishes
- Preparation and editing of all songs
- Upload the format to our partner server
- Editing of all songs including cover art
- Integration of your layout (jingles)
- Planning the program
- Geo-blocking (excluding countries where you don't want to broadcast)
- 192 kbps streaming incl. Bandwidth (2TB/monthly per pogram), (15,- € additional monthly costs for each TB plus)
- monthly reporting via PDF
- Online channel access to the server to integrate your advertising, promos etc.
- Player usage for integration into your website (optional)

The conditions:

- Low one-time setup costs per format
- 12 month production contract with option for renewal
- low monthly rate per format

Your task only includes registering the streams with your copyright authorities, forwarding our reporting if necessary and integrating the streams into your website by your webmaster.

Our formats (so far):

Oldies (50s, 60s, 70s, 80s), Classic Rock from the 60s until today, Soft Rock, Hard Rock from the 60s until today, Roots Reggae from the 70s until today , Christmas Songs, Country, New Country, Soul, Soft Soul, Smooth Jazz, Disco, 90s Dance, 2000s House, Mainstream Pop 90s, German “Schlager” Oldies (60s, 70s, 80s), German Evergreens, German Pop Rock from 70s until today.

I would be happy to give you more information personally!

Holger Richter

Direktor Balmedia Coaching SLU

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